EFRS Mission Statement: "The role of the European Federation of Radiographer Societies is to represent, promote and develop the profession of radiography in Europe, within the whole range of medical imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy and moreover everything that is directly or indirectly related or beneficial to this role, everything in the broadest meaning".
1. Mandatory Pre-requisites
The following are mandatory items assessed on a yes / no basis; any project not fulfilling all criteria will be ineligible for participation in the EFRS Research Hub 2021 and will not be assessed further.
● Project team includes at least one Radiographer from an EFRS-affiliated institution or professional society;
● Project lead has provided evidence / commits to providing evidence of all relevant ethical approvals for the project before commencement;
● The project does not conflict with the Mission Statement of the EFRS,
● Any funding sources must be declared in the application, as should any potential perceived or actual conflicts of interest;

2. Practical requirements:
● Applicants must supply at least two researchers (at their own cost), of which one must NOT be a student, who would conduct the project at the Hub and assist in the general running of the Hub as reasonably required (e.g. setting up, assisting during busy periods, recruitment of volunteers etc.);
● Applicants must supply any equipment required for the experiment at their own cost (other than that facilitated by the Hub and agreed by the Hub Committee);
● Applicants must engage with the Hub Committee and other attending researchers before and at ECR;
● All applicants must contribute a short review of their research to a Hub Report to the EFRS Board following the close of the conference;
● All applicants will be required to publish part or all of the work conducted at the Hub in one of the following EFRS or ESR journals (submission within a 12 month time frame); Radiography, European Radiology, European Radiology Experimental or Insights into Imaging. The EFRS will bear no responsibility for covering any publication costs.
● All applicants will be required to submit an abstract based on some/all of the work conducted to ECR 2022.
● The EFRS Board will have final approval of the proposed schedule of projects;
● All published work resulting from EFRS activity will acknowledge the EFRS using agreed wording at the time of publication submission.