Episode 6: Organisation of a brachytherapy unit: technology, safety, and patient-centered care
Date: 14. Dezember 2021  20:00 Uhr
Dr Ainārs Bajinskis EFRS Radiotherapy Committee, University of Latvia, Latvia.
Patrizia Cornacchione President of Italian Association of Radiation Therapy and Medical Physics Technologists. EFRS Radiotherapy Committee. Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS (Rome)
Laura Lane The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Clare Melody Leeds Cancer Centre, UK
Learning objectives
1. Discuss the importance of multi-professionality and the key role of radiographers in brachytherapy
2. Highlight patient safety in brachytherapy procedures
3. Demonstrate changes in the brachytherapy procedures after the Covid19 pandemic